How to Create a Character in Starbased?

Begin Your Journey in the Star Atlas Universe

Creating a character in Starbased is your first step into the expansive universe of Star Atlas. This process integrates directly with blockchain technology, ensuring that your character is uniquely yours in this web-browser strategy game. Here's how to start your adventure:

  1. Connect Your Wallet to Starbased: Access Starbased and click on the wallet icon located at the top right of the screen to connect your wallet. This connection is crucial for all your in-game transactions and progress.

  2. Character Creation: Once your wallet is connected, select the option to create a new character. A prompt will appear, guiding you to choose a faction and a name for your character. Each faction in Star Atlas has its unique culture, strengths, and background. For a deeper understanding of each faction, consider reading the detailed guide here.

  3. Finalize Your Character: After selecting your faction and deciding on a name, click on "Create character." You will then see a wallet prompt asking for your approval to complete the character creation transaction. Approve this transaction to finalize the creation of your character.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your character in Starbased and are now ready to embark on your journey through the Galia Expanse.

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