How to participate in the new Showroom 2.1 Dogfight?

Experience the new Dogfight Arena

For Star Atlas, we've taken another substantial leap toward bringing this dream to life. Our dedicated dog fighting arena, the epicenter of our game's space combat, has undergone a sweeping overhaul across all features, and we're excited to guide you through these enhancements.

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Foremost among our updates is the integration of the Gameplay Ability System (GAS) into the showroom.

This advanced feature, a product of Unreal Engine, is a highly adaptable framework that empowers developers to craft unique abilities and attributes for characters and vessels within the game. This enables us to devise unique mechanics and effects in Star Atlas gameplay.

With the introduction of GAS, we can, for instance, impose a debuff on each ship's performance as they take damage or create conditions for characters afflicted with unusual diseases.

You can now employ your Ogrika Thripid to fend off the NPC attackers hurtling towards you or any other ships you wish to command, as long as they're the same size or smaller.



Shifting the focus to hostile forces, we've reengineered the wave system in the arena, raising the bar of difficulty. You're now faced with up to twelve tiers of deadly ships vying for your downfall. Good luck surviving this onslaught and securing a spot on the leaderboard!

Fight our NPC fleet, climb the leaderboard ranks, and achieve glory in the Volant Station training grounds!