How to Warp in SAGE Labs?

Your Guide to Warping

Pre-Warp Preparations

Before initiating warp, make sure your ship is refueled and ready. Read more on "How to refuel my fleet in SAGE Labs?"

Undocking Your Fleet

Before initiating warp, ensure your fleet is undocked and ready for movement:

  1. Navigate to the Hangar of the Starbase or Central Space Station where your fleet is docked
  2. Select your fleet.
  3. Click on "UNDOCK"

Warping Your Fleet

Warping allows your fleet to travel on the Galia map:

  1. Go to the "UNDOCKED FLEETS" tab
  2. Click on "MANAGE FLEET" next to the fleet you wish to warp with
  3. Inside the Fleet Management interface, select the "MOVEMENT" tab

  4. Click on your selected destination, then select "WARP"

Note: Before warping, ensure you have enough Fuel, Ammo and Food as it is a crucial resource for such activities. You can learn more about how to refuel your ship here: "How to refuel my Fleet in SAGE Labs?"