How to Warp/Subwarp in SAGE Labs?

Your Guide to Warping

Pre-Warp Preparations

Before you initiate warp, it's essential to make sure your fleet is fully prepared for the journey ahead:

    • Refueling: Ensure your ship is refueled and ready for the warp. Read more on how to refuel your fleet in SAGE Labs in this detailed guide.
    • Undocking: Your fleet needs to be undocked from your Starbase to engage in warp. Learn more about the undocking process in this comprehensive article.

Warping Your Fleet

Warping allows your fleet to travel on the Galia map:

  1. Select Your Starbase: Go to the sector where your Starbase is located. A menu will display on the left side of your screen, listing your fleets in this sector.
  2. Choose Your Fleet: Click on the fleet you wish to warp. A new menu will appear, providing options for movement.
  3. Select Your Destination: Choose your intended destination on the map.
  4. Start the Warp: Click on "Start Warp" or "Start Subwarp" to begin traversing the stars.

Note: Before warping, ensure you have enough Fuel, Ammo and Food as it is a crucial resource for such activities. You can learn more about how to refuel your ship here: "How to refuel my Fleet in SAGE Labs?"