How to refuel my fleet in SAGE Labs?

Ensuring Your Fleet's Journey is Always Powered

Keeping your fleet fueled is paramount to exploring the expanse of the Galia map in SAGE Labs. Running out of fuel mid-journey can have dire consequences, such as having to self-destruct your fleet, which results in the loss of its cargo content. Thus, it's crucial to monitor your fuel levels closely

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to keep your ships ready and prevent such unfortunate events:

Understanding Resource Importation:

It's important to note that resources can only be imported directly to your Central Space Station (CSS). However, refueling your fleet is possible at any Starbase, provided it has the necessary resources available. For more detailed information on importing resources into your CSS, learn more in this article.

Refueling Your Fleet at a Starbase:

To refuel your fleet docked at a Starbase, you have two primary options, depending on your location and the resources available:

From Starbase Inventory:

  1. Access Inventory Menu: Click on the inventory menu of the Starbase.
  2. Select Resources: First, choose the type of resource you wish to transfer. Then, specify the quantity you need. Finally, select the fleet to which you want to transfer the selected resources.
  3. Transfer to Fleet: Click on "Transfer to Fleet" and approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the refueling process

From Starbase Hangar:

  1. Access Starbase Hangar: Click on the Starbase hangar button where your fleet is docked.
  2. Immediate Refueling and Rearming Options: Before selecting your fleet for specific resource management, you have two quick-action options to streamline the process:

    • Refuel All: Instantly refuels your ship to full capacity. Simply click this option and approve the transaction in your wallet.
    • Rearm All: Replenishes your fleet's ammunition fully with a single click. Approval of the transaction in your wallet is required.
  3. Select Your Fleet for Custom Resource Allocation: If you wish to manage resources beyond fuel and ammo or need to specify quantities:

    • Choose the fleet you intend to refuel or resupply.
    • Navigate through the resource options, where you can fully refuel essential supplies such as fuel, ammo, toolkits, and food with dedicated buttons for each or manually select the amount of each resource you require.
    • For additional resources available at the Starbase, scroll through the menu to find and select them for transfer to your fleet's cargo.

  1. Approve Transaction: After selecting the resources and quantities, click on "Transfer Cargo to Starbase" approve the transaction in your wallet to finalize the transfer.

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