What are Golden Tickets?

Unlocking Exclusive Loot and Unique Opportunities in the Star Atlas Universe

Golden Tickets are unique digital blockchain assets introduced in the SAGE Labs ecosystem. Players can acquire these tickets through crafting using various in-game components or by winning them via the Star Atlas referral system, Starpath.

These tickets are not only tradable, player-owned blockchain assets that can be bought, sold, or held through the Galactic Marketplace, but they also serve as entries for players to participate in the exclusive Weekly Drawings in the SAGE Labs universe.

$1.5 Million Golden Ticket Event:

The campaign is split into 2 parts:

  1. Redemption Program:

    The first is a redemption program where players can amass a large number of the crafted assets and turn them in for a limited list of Star Atlas’ ships, claim stakes, or Central Space Station (CSS) land NFTs — the pool totalling $300,000 USDC in VWAP. While most players will not be able to single handedly go out and craft one of these massive assets, it provides a vibrant labor market for players to participate in. These redemptions will notably require Survey Data Units in addition to crafted assets as inputs.

  2. Weekly Drawings:

    The second part is a massive, weekly drawing worth $150,000 USDC in VWAP per week for 8 weeks, a total of $1.2 million in VWAP. In addition to the Star Atlas redemption assets mentioned in the section above, players will be able to craft a very rare item called a Golden Ticket. This is a player-owned blockchain asset that requires every single craftable item in the game to create. While it is a complex recipe, players with Golden Tickets may choose to put them towards the weekly draw where their chances of claiming a prize from the drawing are proportional to the number of tickets they have put forth.

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