What can I do with my Golden Tickets?

Unlocking the Potential of Your Golden Tickets in SAGE Labs

Just earned some Golden Tickets but not sure what to do next? You have two main options:

Use Them for Weekly Drawings:

By redeeming your Golden Ticket, you secure a spot in the Weekly Drawings for a chance to win exclusive loot. Note that each ticket is "burned" once redeemed, effectively exchanging it for an opportunity to win. The more tickets you redeem, the better your chances of walking away with a prize.

To redeem your Golden Tickets, head over to Hedgehog Markets

Trade Them on the Galactic Marketplace:

If you're not interested in the Weekly Drawings, or you're simply looking to diversify your assets, you can trade your Golden Tickets on the Galactic Marketplace


Whether you're playing the weekly drawing or looking for a profitable trade, Golden Tickets offer multiple avenues to enhance your SAGE Labs experience.

For a deep dive into what prizes are available in the Weekly Drawings, check out "What loot can I obtain from Golden Tickets?"