What is ATLAS Prime?

On-Chain Transactions with ATLAS Tokens in SAGE Labs

What's ATLAS Prime?

ATLAS Prime is a cutting-edge service introduced by ATMTA, Inc. It allows players and users within the SAGE Labs ecosystem to pay for their transactions using ATLAS tokens rather than the SOL, Solana's native currency.

How Does ATLAS Prime?

When you enable the ATLAS Prime service, all transaction fees you incur within the ecosystem are automatically covered using the ATLAS tokens present in your wallet. It streamlines your token management, ensuring that you only have to concern yourself with your ATLAS balance.

Imagine initiating a transaction in SAGE Labs: Instead of being charged a fee in SOL, an equivalent amount of ATLAS tokens, based on the current market rate, is deducted from your account. The process is designed to be automatic, efficient, and hassle-free.

Why Does This Benefit Me?

  1. Unified Currency Management: Your gameplay earnings in Star Atlas are all denominated in ATLAS. ATLAS Prime ensures that this remains the primary currency you engage with, without the need to constantly balance between ATLAS and SOL.

  2. Ease of Transactions: Operating on the Solana blockchain usually requires a default fee in SOL. By introducing ATLAS Prime, we've simplified this for you. ATMTA, Inc. covers the SOL fee using a proxy service and accepts payments in ATLAS, ensuring your Star Atlas experience remains uninterrupted.

  3. Flexibility: Although the ATLAS Prime aims to simplify your in-game transactions, we understand the diverse needs of our players. If you prefer to use SOL for your network transactions, you can easily disable ATLAS Prime in the settings panel at any time.

For more details on how to enable or disable this feature, refer to our guide: "How to enable Atlas Prime".