What is SAGE Labs?

Star Atlas: Golden Era Is An Early Access Browser-Based Space Economy Simulation


SAGE Labs is an early access, browser-based game developed by Star Atlas. The game is built entirely on the Solana blockchain, offering real-time gameplay with a focus on deep space resource extraction and crafting.

In SAGE Labs, players have the freedom to explore, gather resources, craft, trade, and more, all in a 2D user interface. It is designed as a simplified yet engaging introduction to the Star Atlas universe, providing players with an authentic taste of the game’s economic systems and play-to-earn opportunities.

Here are key features of SAGE Labs:

  • Fully On-Chain: The entire game logic and state are stored on the Solana blockchain.
  • Economic Gameplay: Focused on resource extraction and crafting, resembling a simulation of a real-life economic system.
  • Accessibility: SAGE Labs is designed to be playable in any Solana-enabled web browser, making it easy for players around the world to participate.

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