What is Star Atlas?

A gaming metaverse vast beyond imagining!

Star Atlas is set 600 years into the future, in the year 2620. The galaxy has been colonized and balkanized. Three factions split control and uphold a fragile peace, while somewhere in the deepest, most dangerous sector of space, something extremely valuable lurks.

Join to explore a unique opportunity to be part of this historic journey as the gaming metaverse conquers the world with state-of-the-art blockchain, Unreal Engine 5 multiplayer play to earn a gaming experience.

Star Atlas Factions

Join one of three main in-game factions. Take part by aligning with a faction and committing your ships to the cause.


A consortium of alien species who - after nearly exterminating one another in war - set aside their differences in the hopes of a more bountiful life in space.

The Ustur

Spawned by an advanced AI, they are a collective of sentient, soft-formed androids with a developed sense of identity, culture, and fashion.


A faction of humans who were led by a god-like alien being plunder all of the Earth's remaining resources to set off for the promise of the stars.

The Marketplace

Buy and sell your resources and services on the Star Atlas marketplace, both in and outside the game.

Items can be purchased and immediately configured to take on ship missions, claim land around the metaverse, and build out mining operations spawning further economic activity. These items include ships, mining equipment, collectibles, and much more!