What is Starbased?

A New Chapter in the Star Atlas Saga Unfolds

Starbased marks a significant milestone in the Star Atlas universe, initiating a novel phase in the renowned Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE). This blockchain-based, web-browser strategy game set within the Galia Expanse is built on a free-market framework, embracing cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled strategic and explorative gaming experience.

In Starbased, players are entrusted with a monumental task: to collaboratively construct and sustain a vast network of starbases across the galaxy. This new chapter brings forth multiplayer objectives that underscore the collective effort of each political group within Star Atlas, challenging them to ascend in their quest for influence and prosperity.

Highlighted Features of Starbased:

  • Collaborative Galaxy Building: Engage in the collective construction and maintenance of starbases, promoting unity and strategic collaboration among factions.
  • Loyalty Points (LP): A novel mechanism rewarding players for their dedication to faction objectives, fostering a deeper sense of community and personal achievement.
  • Economic Evolution: Significant adjustments in ATLAS emissions represent a pivotal change, offering a fresh dynamic to the game's economic system.
  • Strategic Depth: With the introduction of Council Rank Experience Points (XP), Epochs, and the necessity for starbase upgrades and upkeep, players are invited to delve into a game of strategic prowess and resource management.

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