What is StarPath?

Bring your friends to the golden age of space exploration via the innovative galactic prosperity initiative.

Star Atlas is inviting its community members to join the StarPath referral program.

StarPath is a community-friendly initiative that is focused on recruiting space pioneers for the journey of a lifetime, where new opportunities are discovered, where the stakes are high, participation is recognized, and performance is rewarded at the Faction and Individual levels.

Recruit new space explorers successfully and receive Prosperity Marks that can be exchanged for ships and other in-game items for as long as supplies last. 

You are now at the gate, Explorer. Will you warp into the unknown to find adventurers to defend the supremacy of your faction and establish new worlds on the frontier, or will you find allies to help you preserve peace throughout the galaxy?

Whatever you choose…

Bring your friends to the golden age of space exploration.

Step into the gate, find your allies, and shape the future