What is BuddyLink?

Understanding BuddyLink: The Engine Behind Starpath's Referral System

In the vast cosmos of Star Atlas, BuddyLink serves as the operational backbone for our referral system known as Starpath. But what exactly is BuddyLink, and how does it integrate with Starpath?

What is BuddyLink?

BuddyLink is a social discovery hub that operates on the Solana blockchain. Designed to bring influencers, projects, affiliates, and investors together, it serves as the vendor for Star Atlas's referral program, Starpath.

How Does BuddyLink Work With Starpath?

While Starpath is the referral program offered by Star Atlas, BuddyLink is the technology that powers it. When you create or share a referral link via Starpath, BuddyLink manages the backend, tracking referrals, calculating rewards, and ensuring accurate and transparent transactions.


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