How do I mine resources in SAGE Labs?

Dive deep into SAGE Labs and master the process of mining resources in the Star Atlas universe

Mining is a crucial activity in the vast expanse of Star Atlas, allowing players to gather essential resources that can be used in various applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with mining in SAGE Labs:

  1. Prepare Your Fleet

    To begin with, ensure your fleet is undocked. Head towards the asteroid or the location you aim to mine. If you're uncertain about the warping mechanism, acquaint yourself with the procedure in our detailed guide: How to warp in SAGE Labs

  2. Locate your fleet

    At the bottom of the Dashboard, you'll find your undocked fleet. Click on "GO TO ASSET LOCATION"
  3. Manage Fleet

    Go to the "UNDOCKED FLEETS" tab
    Click on "MANAGE FLEET" next to the fleet you wish to mine with
  4. Initiate Mining Operation

    Select the "MINING OPS" tab

    Scroll down to locate the available resources to mine in this sector Click on "INITIATE MINING" near the resource you want to mine, then approve the transaction in your wallet pop-up. Once approved, your fleet will begin mining

  5. Manage Your Mining Operations

    Now, within the "Mining Ops" tab, you'll find detailed information about your active mining operations. This interface offers a comprehensive view of various aspects of your mining activities, such as the exact location of mining, estimated amount mined, and more. Access this tab regularly to stay updated on the progress and status of your mining endeavors.

  6. Terminate Operations

    If circumstances demand your fleet’s presence elsewhere or if you wish to stop mining, you can easily do so. From the "Mining Ops" dashboard, select "HARVEST RESOURCES AND STOP MINING". This will halt the mining operation, allowing you to relocate your fleet to another sector or mission

Mining in SAGE Labs is a blend of strategy and patience, requiring players to optimize their operations for maximum yield. By mastering the mining process, you can ensure a steady flow of resources, enhancing your gameplay and prosperity in the Star Atlas cosmos!