How do I mine resources in SAGE Labs?

Dive deep into SAGE Labs and master the process of mining resources in the Star Atlas universe

Mining is a crucial activity in the vast expanse of Star Atlas, allowing players to gather essential resources that can be used in various applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with mining in SAGE Labs:

Prepare Your Fleet

To start, ensure your fleet is undocked and navigate to the asteroid or location you aim to mine. If you're new to the warping mechanism, familiarize yourself with our guide: How to warp in SAGE Labs.

Starting Your Mining Operation

  1. Ship Requirements: Apart from the Armstrong IMP series ships, which do not consume ammo for mining, all other ships require some fuel to initiate the mining process and will consume ammo and food during the operation.

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  2. Engage Mining Mode: After warping to your mining location, select your fleet and click on "Start Mining" from the menu that appears at the bottom of the dashboard.

  3. Operation Details: In the mining interface, you'll see detailed information about the mining operation, including available resources, mining rate, and the required ammo and food. Notice the consumption rate per second of resources and available cargo space. You can click on "Cargo" to see what's already in your hold. When ready, click on "Initiate Mining" and approve the transaction in your wallet.

  4. Managing Your Mining Operation: Your fleet is now engaged in the mining operation. To stop mining, click on your fleet and select the "Stop Mining" button.

  5. Harvesting Resources: In the mining interface, scroll down and click on "Harvest Resources and Stop Mining." Approve the transaction in your wallet to conclude your mining operation.

  6. Completing the Operation: Congratulations, you've successfully mined resources! Now, you can dock your fleet at the desired starbase to offload your cargo and prepare for your next mining venture.