How to Create a Character in Labs

Step-by-Step Guide to Embarking on Your Journey

Welcome to the exciting world of Star Atlas Labs! Creating a character is your first step towards exploring vast galaxies and engaging in thrilling adventures. This guide will walk you through the character creation process, ensuring a smooth launch into the Star Atlas universe. Remember, your journey starts with a character uniquely yours, so let’s get started.

Before You Begin:

To cover transaction fees, ensure your wallet is stocked with either ATLAS or Solana. Our innovative ATLAS Prime system allows users to pay transaction fees with ATLAS instead of Solana, offering more flexibility. For a deeper understanding of ATLAS Prime, read our dedicated article.

Creating Your Character:

  1. Launch Labs: Visit and click on "Launch Game". You’ll be greeted with a view to start your journey

  2. Choose Your Wallet: A wallet chooser will appear, guiding you to connect your preferred wallet to Labs. This secure connection is your gateway to the Star Atlas ecosystem.

  3. Start Creating: Once connected, click on "Start Creating a Character"

  4. Customize Your Character: You’ll be prompted to select a faction and name your character. Once done, press "Create Character" to finalize your avatar.

  5. Welcome to Labs: Congratulations! You will be redirected to Labs, where your adventure awaits. Your character is now ready to explore, battle, and trade within the Star Atlas universe.