How to create a fleet in SAGE Labs?

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your First Fleet

Embarking on a new adventure in the vast universe of Star Atlas? Forming a fleet in SAGE Labs is an essential part of your space endeavors. Follow these steps to guide you through the process:

1- Access the SAGE Labs Dashboard:

    • Connect to SAGE Labs to access the dashboard
    • The main view will showcase the Galia Map 

2- Choose the Right Sector:

    • Ensure you select a sector corresponding to your faction – whether Oni, Mud, or Ustur
    • Look for a Central Space Station with a name starting with ONI, MUD, or UST
      Note: that you can import a ship from your wallet only in a Central Space Station (Starting Zone)
    • Click "NAVIGATE TO SECTOR" to dive in

3- Deposit Your Ships:

    • Once you arrive at the Central Space Station aligned with your faction, you are all set to start your space journey.
    • In the new view that pops up, select the ships you want to add, specify the quantity, and then click on "DEPOSIT TO STARBASE"

4- Form Your Fleet: 

    • Navigate to the "STARBASE HANGAR" and click on "FORM A NEW FLEET"
    • Find the ships you've deposited. Select your desired ships, specify the quantity, name your fleet accordingly and finalize the creation by clicking "FORM NEW FLEET"

5- Locate Your Fleet:

    • To view the fleet you've just created, click on "STARBASE HANGAR". On the left pane, you'll find your fleet docked safely.

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