How to create a fleet in SAGE Labs?

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your First Fleet

Getting Started:

Creating a fleet in SAGE Labs is a strategic step towards expanding your influence and capability within the Star Atlas universe. Before proceeding, ensure that you have imported ships into Labs. If you haven't, please follow this article for more details on importing ships and resources into Labs.

1- Access the SAGE Labs Dashboard:

    • Connect to SAGE Labs to access the dashboard
    • The main view will showcase the Galia Map 

2- Navigate to Starbase Hangar:

    • With your ships in your Central Space Station (CSS), locate and click on the "Starbase Hangar" icon at the bottom of your CSS menu. This is your gateway to fleet management.

3- Initiate Fleet Formation:

    • In the Starbase Hangar view, click on "Form a New Fleet." This action opens the fleet composition interface. 

4- Select Ships for Your Fleet: 

    • Choose the ships you wish to include in your fleet and specify the quantity for each. This selection process is crucial for tailoring your fleet's capabilities to your strategic needs.
    • After selecting your ships, click on "Form a New Fleet" once more. You will be prompted to approve the transaction in your wallet

A well-assembled fleet is only as effective as its fuel reserves. To ensure your ships are ready for prolonged expeditions, learn more about how to refuel your fleet in this article.