How to Import a Ship into Labs

Seamlessly Bringing Your Assets into the Game

Getting Started:

Create Your Character: If you haven't yet stepped into the Star Atlas universe, begin by creating your character in Labs. Follow this guide for detailed instructions on character creation.

Access Labs: Connect your wallet to Labs at

Importing Your Ships:

  1. Navigate to Your Central Space Station: Click on your Central Space Station (CSS) from the main view. Depending on your faction, this could be ONI CSS, UST CSS, or MUD CSS. Your CSS is the hub for all your operations.

  2. Access the "Deposit or Withdraw Ships" Interface: Upon opening your CSS, a new interface will appear. Look for and click on the icon at the bottom left of this interface to proceed to the next step.

  3. Select Your Assets: A new view will present the ships available in your wallet. Here, you can select which assets you wish to import into Labs. Choose the desired ships and the quantity you want to deposit.

  4. Deposit to Starbase: After selection, click on "Deposit to Starbase". A prompt will ask for transaction approval in your wallet. Approve it, and your assets will be transferred to your CSS, ready for deployment.

Now you need fuel or resources for your fleet? Learn more in this article on how to import them into Labs