How to Import Resources into Labs

Seamlessly Bringing Your Resources into the Game

Getting Started:

  • Create Your Character: If you're new to the Star Atlas universe, start by creating your character in Labs. Follow our comprehensive guide for detailed instructions on character creation.
  • Access Labs: Connect your wallet to Labs at to enter the immersive world of Star Atlas.

Importing Resources:

  1. Navigate to Your Central Space Station (CSS): From the main interface, click on your Central Space Station (CSS) to access your inventory hub.
  2. Access Inventory: Within your CSS interface, locate and click on the "My Inventory" option at the bottom left of the screen. This will open a new menu.
  3. Select Resources: In the new menu, choose the type of resource you wish to import and specify the quantity.
  4. Import from Wallet: Once you've made your selections, press "Import from Wallet" to initiate the transfer. Approve the transaction in your wallet when prompted.
  5. Confirmation: Your resources will now be available in your Central Space Station

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