How to Undock Your Fleet from Your Starbase

Pre-Warp Preparations

Before initiating warp, make sure your ship is refueled and ready. Read more on "How to refuel my fleet in SAGE Labs?"

Undocking Your Fleet

  1. Navigate to Your Starbase: Access the Starbase where your fleet is currently docked
  2. Select Your Fleet: On the left side of the screen, you'll see a list of your docked fleets. Select the fleet you intend to undock to proceed.
  3. Undock Your Fleet: Upon selecting your fleet, a new menu will appear, click on "UNDOCK" to release your fleet from the Starbase or Central Space Station. You will be prompted to approve the transaction in your wallet. Ensure you confirm this to complete the undocking process.
  4. Ready for Departure: Your fleet is now undocked and ready to engage in the activities you have planned across the vast expanse of space.

With your fleet undocked and ready, you might be considering your next destination or mission. To learn more about the process of warping to navigate the galaxy, check out our guide on "How to warp in SAGE Labs?"